So you have sent the invitations, bought the dress and now its countdown!!

Buy gifts for your Wedding party: bridesmaids & groomsmen, some buy cufflinks/personalised socks and for the ladies, maybe a lovely piece of jewellery for the special day. Some couples like to purchase a gift for their parents or person who will represent the family/sitting at the top table rather than buying flowers.

Purchase your Wedding Favours: just to ensure they arrive on time and gives you time to put the finishing touches to them.

Organise your clothes: Both for the bride & groom for the day after your wedding, have an outfit chosen. Plan your clothes at this stage for your honeymoon: have them purchased and ready to go rather than buying last minute and then forgetting something.

Buy a Wedding Guest Book/Have an engagement portrait taken with your photographer: this is a book for your guests to write a lovely message for your special day, or with the engagement portrait: you can get your guests to sign on the border around your photo, lovely idea to remember your guests on the day.

Groom/Groomsmen Suits: have them measured at this point and have a date put in the diary for collection.

Review your wedding vows, readings and music with your singer & officiant

Hair Trial: have your hair trial at this point; ensure you are happy with it. Bring along your headpiece if you are having a headpiece. Or if wearing a veil, you can inform your hairstylist and she will advise you where to place this.

Makeup Trial, same applies as your hair; make sure you are happy with the colours chosen for your eye make-up, colour and pallor of the skin and your lipstick colour chosen.

RSVP’s are coming in the door, on emails or text messages, make sure you are recording all who are replying, it is very easy to forget to put this information into your wedding file or computer so just make sure you mark all RSVP’s

1 Month before:

At this stage, you are confirming all details with your wedding vendors booked and doing collections:

Collect your Wedding Rings
Give a list of photographs you wish to have taken with your photographer.
Finalise your Seating plan
Confirm the final guest numbers and details with your Reception Venue.
Confirm your Honeymoon reservations.

Pick up your Wedding rings
Have your engagement Ring polished
Have Music chosen for your First Dance and discussed with the band if they are performing it or you require a CD
Have your speeches ready: Groom and Bestman and also if the Bride is speaking

Next Week we can discuss what to do the 2 Weeks before your wedding day.

Tip of the Week:

When you are sending out your wedding invitations, mark each one on the back with a number in Pen 1-150. This can be a big help when receiving your invitations back in the post, very often I would hear that couples receive back the RSVP’s and there is no name on them and they don’t know who it is from, so a little tip for all those couples, put a number on back of your invitations and have a corresponding page for your RSVP’s with Numbers & Names on it, so you can cross out who has replied.