There are many different customs and traditions for the wedding processional order and here I have some ideas for the order you can walk up the aisle. It can be confusing and there is no right or wrong and every culture has its own customs. Here is a sample of the traditional breakdown of who walks down the aisle and when

  • The Grooms Parents
  • The Groom and Bestman
  • The Groomsmen
  • Mother of the bride
  • The Flowergirl and Ring Bearer
  • The bridesmaids
  • Maid of Honour
  • Bride with her father

The Grooms parents are normally escorted by an usher to their seats and walk together.

The Groom: The groom and the best man come in from the side of the venue or the aisle entrance and wait at the altar.

The Groomsmen: Next will come the groomsmen, one by one. On the way out, they walk arm in arm with the bridesmaids.

The Mother of the bride: Is escorted by a relative or the head usher. She takes a seat in the left front row and the guests know that the ceremony is about to begin. However, in a Jewish ceremony, she joins the bride and father of the bride on the walk down the aisle. Not only in a Jewish ceremony but for my own wedding, because I was the only girl amongst all the boys in the family, I got both of my parents to walk me up the aisle.

The Flowergirl and Ring Bearer: the little ones which are normally the youngest of the bridal party walk in just before the bridesmaids.

The Bridesmaids: The bridesmaids walk one by one and join the groomsmen at the altar.

The Maid of Honour: The maid of honour is the last bridesmaid to walk down the aisle and she would assist the bride in helping her with her train before she is ready to walk down the aisle. She stands at the altar and waits for the bride.

Then the moment the Bride walks down the aisle, she can choose to have her father or a family member (brother or uncle) to walk her down the aisle. The guests all stand as the bride is escorted by her father/mother or both. The bride would always walk on the left and dad on her right. If you wish to have your mum also walk up the aisle, your mum would be on the left of the bride.

The processional walk after the ceremony: The wedding party walks two by two, first would be the Bride and Groom, Bestman and Chief bridesmaid, bridesmaid and groomsmen, Brides parents, Grooms parents, and all the guests follow suit.

Tip of the week:

You can break tradition for the order of walking up the aisle, I would have ceremonies in the hotel whereby the bride and groom walk up the aisle together as this is their wish, some with their children, or a son walking them up the aisle, so do what you feel is right and best for you as a couple and you will have a fantastic day either way. Just a little tip, when you are walking up the aisle, sometimes the nerves set in very fast, take a few moments and count to 5, place your bouquet at waist level, brides have a tendency to put the bouquet up high and don’t realise this until they see the photographs.

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