Wedding Traditions You Can Totally Ditch

Wearing a white dress…

You DON’T have to wear a white dress on your wedding day! It’s your day and you should feel comfortable in what you choose to wear as you walk down the aisle. Sure, most brides go for the classic long, white gown, but just think of how fab you’ll feel as you embrace a pattern or a splash of colour on your big day.

Wearing a veil…

This tradition isn’t for everyone. If you’d much prefer to set your best face forward without the added coverage of a veil that’s fine! Maybe you’ll opt for a sparkling headpiece or just rock a gorgeous hairdo!

You can’t see each other before the ceremony…

If you haven’t heard by now, first looks before the ceremony are a big hit! If you or your groom suffer from nerves being in front of a crowd of people, this might help relieve some stress and it’s the perfect opportunity to snap some memorable photos!

Bridesmaids wear matching dresses…

Let your girls express their unique styles and personalities by letting them choose their own dresses. After all, not everyone will have the same body type and it’s important that even your girl squad feels pretty and confident while they support you through the day. One of the new trends coming in for 2019 is that many couples will forego having s specific wedding colour and use a range of shades in the same colour family instead.

You can only have one flower girl and one pageboy…

Well if the Royals can have more than one, why can’t you?! A mini bride squad will make the cutest addition to your special day. If you have children, siblings or close friends with little ones you just can’t celebrate without, you won’t have to choose just one!

Your engagement ring should be a diamond… We’ve all
heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they don’t have to be! If you
have an alternative gem that means more to you why not let it take centre stage
in your ring?

Rustic Weddings…… Don’t get me
wrong, rustic barn-style weddings are filled with charm but burlap runners or
mason jars are a little overdone. Veer your rustic theme towards a more woodsy
aesthetic instead – think “overgrown” bouquets, plenty of foliage and gold
accents to make the look. Copper is the new look for 2019 trends.

Wedding Favours…..

Some wedding favours like little potted plants or cookies may seem like a good idea in the planning process but your guests have no idea what to do with them or they are left there on the table and not used. Skip the strange tokens of appreciation and give guests food and beverage options that they will want and use. Instead, try something they can have the next morning, like an artfully packed box or carry bag with a bottle of water or an energy drink with maybe crisps or some fruit. They will enjoy this the morning after more than the wedding favours and something they will remember.

Tip of the week: Being less specific with wedding
colours and choosing to have a range of shades of colour saves you from
carrying around a swatch of a specific colour to every wedding vendor or having
a meltdown if one details is slightly off. So for 2019, choose a range of
different colours for your wedding and be creative in your style.

Trend of the week

You will feel like royalty on your wedding day in one of these princess wedding dresses – a classic choice for brides planning a fairytale wedding. This is a new gown in from Belladonna Bridal in Galway called Nuccia from the Margarett 2020 collection. Absolutely stunning and worn with a fabulous headpiece

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