Some tips for the Bestman

There can be a lot of pressure on the best man on the day of a wedding to ensure everything goes to plan and everyone is enjoying themselves. I have some tips for all best man out there because it may be their first time being a best man and for others, it may not.

It all begins when you are asked to be a best man for a groom at his wedding, this can be exciting and also nerve wrecking. You need to know what your duties are and better still, write a list of what is expected of you so you cover all areas.

Help the groom choosing the suits for his wedding and organise that all the groomsmen are present for the fitting. If you should have some of the groomsmen living abroad, get their measurements and make sure to bring those to the menswear shop and order everything together.

Before the wedding day, collect the suits for the groom and help deliver them to where you will be getting ready on the morning of the wedding.

Be a bow tie tying whizz because chances are your groom will be all fingers and thumbs on the big day! You will find a step by step guide on google or any Pinterest board.

Any tips for the best man on their buttonholes or ring duty?

You must be in charge of the buttonholes for the wedding day, even if you need extra help from the florist, know who the florist is so that if you need to make contact with them for any reason, like missing a pin from a buttonhole or missing one of the buttonholes, you know who to contact. Make sure all the groomsmen and dad/brothers have their buttonholes and are all pinned to their suits.

Regarding the ring duty, firstly do not forget the rings for the ceremony, this is the most important thing I think on the day for the best man. If the couple have chosen a ring bearer, your job is to keep the rings in your possession for as long as possible before they are required.

So you have got to the ceremony, what is next for the bestman?

Well, he needs to walk confidently up the aisle with the groom, you need to remember that the groom will probably at this point be very nervous, take your place, standing next to the groom. He needs to act as a legal witness to the marriage and therefore sign the marriage certificate. Pay the officiant, singers or musicians present and help gather all the guests for any photographs afterwards.

One little tip here, just make sure that the couple have their marriage certificate with them on the day.

Anything else that the bestman needs to know?

At the wedding reception, he needs to take charge of all the payments on the day for the bride and groom such as settling up with the band, DJ, photographer, videographer. Normally the couple will have the envelopes ready with the money for each person.

He needs to dance also with the mums as it’s one of the rules of being a best man and as usual dance with the bridesmaid after the first dance.

If the couple have no wedding wishing well which is storage for their wedding cards, then the best man would be responsible to hold and take care of the wedding cards on the day, but for all of our weddings you receive a wishing well included in your package which is great or you can also hire them and Fiona Newell here in Galway supplies a lot of wishing wells to many hotels.

Other items the best man takes charge of is the stag weekend and organise this for the groom, organise the payments, booking of everything for all the gents and ensuring that the groom has a great weekend.

He would also attend the wedding rehersal and last but not least, he needs to plan his speech. This would be an area that the best man will probably be fretting about and a little anxious as the best man’s speech is expected to be one of the highlights of the wedding. He is normally is the last of the speakers but would introduce all the speakers, begins the speeches and welcome everyone to the venue. He usually mentions how he got to know the groom, recall a couple of memorable stories about his past. The best man is sometimes under pressure to be funny and witty but really the secret is to have a short speech.

Tip of the week

Write down the list of duties that you are expected to do for the groom, be yourself, don’t drink too much and most of all, ensure the groom is enjoying his wedding and that he doesn’t need to worry about anything as you have it all taken care of.

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