For those who want to increase your RSVP response rate: I have some ideas here on what to do to make it a bit easier for the guests replying and also to save the bride & groom from phoning up guests who do not reply, thus saving time for everyone in the long run.

There are a few things you need to consider for this to go right:

Why do you need guests to RSVP:

It is important as you need to know who will be attending, you need this for creating your table plan and also the most important, you need to budget how many guests you will have in attendance on the actual day. You would also need to know who is coming if you are opting for personalised place cards on your tables.

What options do you have for guests to RSVP?

One option you have is to include an RSVP card in the invitation – this is still the traditional choice, not everyone uses the mail like they once did.

You can also print on the invitation your Mobile number or Email address or create a Wedding Website– this saves a lot of time for guests: they don’t need to go to the bother of buying a card to reply or post a card, thus saving time, one text or one email and the job is done. We did this for our invitations and I found more guests replied by email and it was great for guests who were not in Galway or based abroad.

What date should you set for your RSVP’s?

I would definitely advise sending your invitations eight weeks before your wedding date and your RSVP date should be four weeks before your wedding date.

Do not send them too early, as they can be left in the kitchen window and they say they have loads of time to reply and then they forget!!,

Giving your guests four weeks to reply is sufficient and your RSVP date should at least be 4 weeks before your wedding. This will allow for some guests who do not reply and this can happen for whatever reason; you may have to phone guests two or three weeks before your wedding, after the RSVP date to find out if they are attending.

You need time to get your table plan created and you should have this done a week before your wedding, where then you can do the final touches a few days before. Remember your venue will require numbers, normally 48 hours before your wedding date to order food so it is good to have it complete. Some couples get their table plans designed and would require it sooner for printing purposes.
For destination weddings do allow more time for RSVP’s, give at least 8 weeks before your wedding date so flights are all confirmed and accommodation.

Track your RSVP’s:

It is so important to number your invitations on a back corner of each RSVP and this way you always know who the returned card is from. Believe it or not, some people do return them without their names and it can be frustrating for the couples.

Tip of the Week

One extra little tip for increasing your RSVP’s; you do have great success when there’s an engaging call to action or participation factor included in the response card, for example, RSVP with a song that will keep you on the dance floor or RSVP with your favourite memory of the bride and groom – just something quirky.

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