Wedding Hairstyles for long hair

All of us women say we don’t feel fully dressed until we
have our hair complete. Your wedding day is one of the most important occasions
whereby your appearance is a must. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a
guest attending a wedding, your hairstyle is very important and will complete
your look. There are tons of hairstyle cuts and updos to pick from. Before
choosing a hairstyle though, be sure to consider the factors: your face shape,
hair texture, personality and dress. I have some tips here to help you along
the way when planning your hairstyle for your wedding.

  1. Start planning months ahead and with a reliable
    professional on some hairstyle choices. Ask some trusted family members or
    friends for their opinions and thoughts.
  2. Know your face shape so you won’t select a style
    that brings attention to facial features you don’t like. Rather choose a hairdo
    that will bring out the best in you.
  3. Your hair texture is another important factor to
    consider and will determine what wedding hairstyle will suit best and will
    hold together for the full day.
  4. Consider your dress and what it looks like. Your
    hairstyle should accentuate the outfit. If your wedding dress is extravagant,
    go with a simple but elegant hairstyle. Let the guests be in awe of one thing,
    no need to draw any more attention. If your wedding dress is the opposite, and
    your dress is fabulous but plain, make your hairstyle stand out. Add
    accessories or flowers or have braids in your hair. It will depend on what you
    are wearing.
  5. Finally, choose a hairstyle that will showcase
    who you are. Remember that most wedding hairstyles consist of medium to long
    lengths but there are some short ones so there is no need to worry.

Claregalway Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Long layered waves which are semi wavy and you could pin the
sides for some structure and adds volume.

Half up/half down top knot: this will give you a romantic feel and you have lovely twists to create volume and remainder of the hair is hanging, lovely also to curl the lengths to give every structure and volume.

Totally twisted low bun: whereby the bun is at the base of your crown. You can separate the ponytail into two sections and twist each section. Pin both twists into a bun shape, spray any flyaways down if needed.

Textured bun: starting with your hair wavy, spray the texture spray at the root to add volume, twist the hair half up and secure with a bobby pin, twist all hair into a bun and secure with another pin. It would be nice to take out pieces from the front to modernize it a bit.

Plaited bun: bringing the hair into a low ponytail and then braid it, wrap the braid tightly into a chignon. For more attitude pull the tail of the braid out

Boho half up half down braid: prep your hair and just blow dry out with a little volume to retain any natural movement. Use more of a twist than a braid on the sides, join both braids together and continue down the way. Add the twine as the last touch by following the twisted shape. This way you can make sure that the twine is visible.

Low knot: part your hair down the middle, blow dry to create a lift in the crown, leave a few sections out around the hairline or face, pull the remaining hair back low at the nape and secure. Pinch and pull the hair at the crown to keep volume and fullness, fold the hair into a loose low chignon and secure in place. Spray with a strong-hold hairspray to lock your look in place.

Tip of the week

Remember if you or any of the bridal party are doing an
upstyle or curls, do not wash your hair the morning of the wedding, for best results
hair should be washed the day before and kept free of styling products.

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