Finding the perfect wedding day shoes

You’ve spent so much time focusing on the wedding dress and
other plans, you have almost forgotten about the shoes. For some brides out
there, finding the perfect wedding shoes is equally exciting as the wedding
dress. For others, having a simple and comfortable wedding shoe is more
important.  You have to like the shoes
and you have to think that you must wear them for the full day also. It needs
to have the right look, fit, height and comfort; one that makes you feel like Cinderella.
The list is endless from choosing a sandal, beautiful heels for the glamorous
brides, the classic wedding shoes for timeless brides and the vintage-inspired
for sentimentalist brides. I have some pointers for those brides who are starting to
shop for their wedding shoes.

Do you buy the dress or the shoes first? Firstly, find your wedding dress because I do hear that some
brides see a pair of wedding shoes and fall in love with them but have no
wedding dress bought. You need your wedding day shoes to compliment your dress
in every aspect from style to colour. The length of your dress does matter. If
you have a short dress, your shoes can serve as a statement accessory by adding
some glitz and glam to them. If your dress is long, your shoes can serve more
of a comfort purpose and how they match may be less important. You will also
need your wedding shoes at each dress fitting so that the dressmaker or tailor
can have exact height of your wedding shoes, they will then adjust the length
of your dress based on your wedding shoe height for the perfectly polished
look. Secondly, don’t leave it until the last minute to shop for your
wedding shoes. As I just mentioned, it is best to have them with your dress
fittings and any alterations. How high your heel is will be an important factor
and also think of how much of the shoe you want to show off and your
alterations will be matched to that by the seamstress.

Should you shop around for your wedding shoes or buy online? Do shop around and you can start by browsing through bridal
websites and you can start to see what style, shape and colour you prefer. This
will start to eliminate what you like and dislike and it narrows your search to
a select few. My personal advice would be to buy from a store close to you
rather than online. You will get a better feel for the style and can try the
shoes on, see the height and feel how comfortable they are to stand and walk
around in. Buying your wedding shoes in person allows you to make sure you are
happy with them and they are comfortable too.

Do you have to consider your venue when buying your shoes? Yes, you do, especially If you are planning an outdoor
wedding, destination wedding or beach wedding.
Your venue will influence how much heel you should wear and also trying
to look graceful walking through a sandy beach. You would tend to look more at
a casual or a jewelled sandal collection which will give you the perfect look
of casual and glamour. You can also wear them on your honeymoon for those
nights out afterwards and they will be sure to be the best investment piece.

Do you have to match the shoe colour with the dress? It’s like any style decision you make for your big day, what
colour you choose will depend on what kind of bride you are and will show your
personality more also. Some brides will choose a classic look and will like
colours such as ivory, champagne, white and nude colours. If you are the bride
who wants to steer away from those colours, choose a colour like silver, gold,
metallic or blue. Metallic shoes add a little more glitter and shine to catch
the eye and I love the idea of having a blue shoe.

Tip of the week

For the classic wedding shoes for timeless brides, opt for a delicate lace shoe, feminine heels infused with classic bows and jewels. The most comfortable and versatile fit would be the “Miranda” peep-toe heel or another one is “Olivia” with a pointed toe heel topped with oversized jewels. If you are looking for a vintage-inspired shoe, bringing in the influence of the glamour in the 1920’s era, a T-bar closed-toe kitten heel would be a good shoe to buy. Make sure your pair of shoes are padded with extra insole padding, made of soft leather just to ensure all-day comfort.

Trend of the week

This weeks trend is called Belinda which is part of the Pronovias 2020 collection. Belinda is a crepe dress which has a high neckline with pearl-like beading, beautiful scoop back, this luxury wedding gown will surely catch the light in pictures!

  • Belinda is a crepe dress high neckline with a pearl-like beading
  • Belinda is a crepe dress high neckline with a pearl-like beading
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