First off, how do you choose your bridesmaids?

There is one thing a bride cannot do without on her big day, apart from her groom, her dress & a fabulous pair of shoes! A bride needs a right hand woman on the day. There are a number of duties that she must do but most of all she needs to keep the bride cool, calm and collected on the lead up to her wedding and most importantly on the day of the wedding. If you come from a small family or you have a select close girlfriends then choosing a bridesmaid/s can be easy but if you come from a large family of sisters or a big circle of female friends then things can get complicated.

  1. Make a list of people you can trust to make good decisions on your behalf, who are reliable and who will recognise that you are in need of a big hug. This will make your list shorter
  2. Make sure your bridesmaids know each other, if they are total strangers then I would advise arranging dinner/drinks night to break the ice
  3. If you cannot have all your friends as bridesmaids, then give them jobs to do to get them involved in the planning

4.Numbers of bridesmaids: remember every bridesmaid you have you will need to get them in the full attire plus you will need matching groomsmen: now sometimes this is not always the case and the bridesmaid may feel left out if she doesn’t have a partner/escort and also think about wedding photographs and seating arrangements;  may make it awkward!

The Role of a bridesmaid:

Really every bridesmaid should always be on hand to help relieve any stress or worry , so it is important that you offer to help with the wedding preparations and on the actual day

  • Be interested
  • Attend dress fittings
  • Provide plenty of emotional support during the planning & on the wedding day
  • Organise the hen party
  • Help send out the invitations/write them- lightens the load
  • Attend the ceremony rehearsal
  • Be available on the days leading up to the wedding or in the evenings
  • Be there on the morning of the wedding helping bride get dressed
  • Take responsibility for the emergency kit: ladies toilet baskets/sewing needles/safety pins
  • Dance with the groomsmen, encourage other guests to dance
  • Carry the train of the brides dress throughout the day, carry lipstick
  • Assist going to the toilet
  • Remind bride to touch up her make up
  • Be there for her

Dealing with problem - bridesmaids:
Yes I have heard of this and sometimes brides do not know what to do, they tend to ignore it and then it does have an impact on their special day so to avoid this, I have some tips here to help you should you be faced with problem bridesmaids.

So you thought you were best friends and now she is making life difficult or making fun of your husband to be or not happy with her dress: whatever the situation:

  • Make it clear that her behaviour is making you feel uncomfortable: see what she says, she may not realise it or maybe she wants to create problems. Sometimes, this should be enough to clear the air and prevent any further issues arising.
  • Should this not work, then you have no choice but to dismiss your bridesmaid for example if she has broken your trust. You need to inform her face to face, there is never a easy way and she will not be happy. After this, you will then need to make a decision if you wish this bridesmaid to attend your wedding as a guest or not attend at all, depending on the circumstances. You do not want them to ruin your Wedding Day.
  • If the problem is between the actual bridesmaids: then you need to sit them down and act as a mediator and help resolve this issue. Hopefully they will be able to overcome their differences and move on. If you feel that they will not overcome the issue (not even for your wedding) then you will have to step in and ask one of them to step aside from their duties.
  • Sometimes there is something as simple as a change in circumstances can affect your choice of bridesmaid, like a friend moving away or falling pregnant, in this case, it is best to leave the decision to your bridesmaid and say that she is not obliged to be involved in the wedding if it is not practical and leave the decision in her hands.

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Tip of the week

Listen to your heart: the people who truly love you will never question your choices or try to make you feel guilty: remember it is your Wedding day not your bridesmaids!