In the first few weeks after all the wedding celebrations wind down, your big day is still probably all you are thinking about. You will want to have that post-wedding feeling for as long as possible but before you know it, you will be six months married and there you have in your spare room, all of the unused wedding favours, décor you had and it’s not being used. It is now time to plan what to do after your wedding with all of your wedding items.

Wedding Dress:

If you are planning on keeping your wedding dress, you should have it dry cleaned as soon as possible. You can also store your wedding dress in a PH neutral wedding dress storage box, this way this can be used for a friend to wear someday. You could also design a new outfit from your dress by adding or removing the sleeves, dye it a different colour or have it made into two separate pieces. Some brides donate their dress to charity, some sell their dresses on a facebook page or you could have it framed and admire it every day.

Gift and gift cards:

You will have received a lot of gifts for your wedding and sometimes, you may have a certain number of items that comes part of a set, you may have received 6 place settings but you want 8, certain number of glasses/lamps, now is the time to get those extra pieces to complete the set while the items are in stock. Use up your wedding vouchers or gift cards to complete the gift sets.
Return any items you bought for the wedding and didn’t use: You may have purchased items for table numbers, photo booth props you forgot to bring with you, lanterns, jars. Whatever it is, you will definitely have items unused or unopened after your wedding, so make time to return those items to the shop or donate them online, give them to a friend who has her wedding planned or put up on a wedding Facebook page for sale. You could find a way for some items in the home but if not, it's best to declutter. Join eBay or Sell my Wedding site and get started to get rid of those preloved wedding items.

Takedown your wedding website and registry:

If you are one that had a wedding website, you may be paying for this, so you will definitely want to take it down after your wedding to avoid those extra costs. Consider that both your registry and your wedding website may show up in Google results when people search for your name, remove both from the web if you don’t want others to see them. You can leave the registry up for a little longer as some guests may still want to give you gifts after your wedding.

Review your vendors:

Your wedding suppliers worked hard to make your day feel so magical and special, so return the favour by posting a great review on their facebook page or on a wedding website such as weddings online.  They will be delighted to hear that you were happy with their wedding cake or band.

Wedding Bouquet:

There are several options when it comes to preserving your bouquet, you can choose to air dry, press, silica-gel dry or freeze-dry your wedding flowers. To ensure you maintain the colour and shape of your flowers, get them professionally pressed and it would look fabulous in a frame on your wall.

Tip of the week:

If you had a chalkboard for your wedding, you can re-use this in your kitchen for a fun way to write up a grocery list or notes on. If you had a beverage dispenser and you just love it, don’t throw it out, you could use this for future parties or barbeques or family get-togethers. Candy Jars can be re-used in the home for storage for food.

Trend of the week:

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