Once you have chosen your wedding invitations from lots of beautiful designs, then comes the tricky task of your wedding invitation wording. Whether you are having a ceremony, church blessing or have been married before you do require some basic information which must be included in every invitation. The right wording on your invitation will depend on everything from if you are naming parents on the invitation, if you are inviting guests to the full – day invitation or if its an evening invitation. It may seem simple but it is actually quite easy to miss out on some vital information on your invites.

The key information to include in your wedding invites

  • Who is hosting the wedding
  • The request to come to the wedding
  • The names of the couple
  • The location of the wedding
  • The date and time
  • Reception information
  • Dress Code
  • RSVP details

A Traditional church wedding invitation wording

A traditional wedding invitation would typically come from the parents of the bride, as tradition dictates that they host the day and foot the bill. This is not always the case now and times are changing. It would also usually refer to a church wedding ceremony. If the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, the RSVP’s would be posted to the parent’s address. Should you not be going down the traditional route, you simply put yourself down as hosts, just tweak the wording.

Civil Ceremony Invitation

You may choose to have your ceremony and reception in the same venue so its important to include on your invitation that the ceremony will take place in …………(name of venue) and best to include “ followed by a reception” so that the guests know they will be attending the ceremony and reception in the same venue. Again, if parents of the bride are hosting the wedding, their names would appear as Mr & Mrs Smith request the pleasure of “Guest’s name” at the marriage of their daughter …..to …….

Wedding invitation wording for same-sex marriage

The rules are almost exactly the same for same-sex couples, the only difference is which names goes first. If one set of parents are paying for the wedding then etiquette dictates their names will go first, both otherwise it is your choice how you list your names, maybe going alphabetically might solve any potential issues.

Wedding invitation wording for a second marriage

For those couples planning their second marriage, you will be at a different stage of your life and might have different ideas about your wedding style. If your parents are not being included on the invitations as hosts, you still have your surname from your previous marriage (if it’s the bride) or choose to use your birth surname, the option is totally up to you. You also might choose to leave off your title or refer to yourself as a Ms if a bride doesn’t have a title on the invitation, the groom shouldn’t either.

Wedding invitation wording with children as hosts

This is a lovely idea including your children on your invitation and wording it with the children’s

names first …request the pleasure of Guests name “at the marriage of their parents” and then the couples’ names, date, time and so on.

Wedding invitation wording with the couple as being the hosts

If the couple wishes to host the wedding and do not wish for their parents to foot the bill then you don’t need to include their names on your wedding invitations. You simply put both of your names down as hosts and adjust the wording to suit if it is a ceremony or church wedding. Using brides name and grooms name or both, request the pleasure of ..Guests name at their marriage at venue name, date, time followed by a reception, RSVP date and to your address.

Tip of the Week

Invitations for a child-free wedding can be difficult to do but you are best to write it on your invitation so that the guests are aware as some people may assume their children are invited, even if they have not been named. Some tips for this wording: -Unfortunately, children are not invited – we hope you understand -Our wedding will be a child-free occasion – we hope you can still come and enjoy a night off -We have chosen to have a child-free wedding. We hope you are still able to celebrate with us.

Trend of the Week

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