The groom is often neglected in the middle of all the wedding planning and sometimes, some grooms may be happy with this but now I find more and more grooms are putting a lot of effort into their appearance for their special day. There are lots of ways in making sure the groom is perfectly groomed, feeling comfortable and that his overall look reflects his personality.


More grooms are now more conscious of their skin and take good care of it, using cleansers, drinking more water and using a good moisturiser. Most guys do not know where to begin and so their partners may make an appointment for them, they read up online or speak with a facialist to see what is on offer. You will find they are having facials and taking more care with their skin. You can get some www.claregalwayhotel.ieers and see which product works best and maybe start well in advance of the wedding to avoid any mishaps with your skin.


Most guys will have a hot towel shave before their wedding. I would advise booking in with a barber of your choice for a professional lather, using a straight razor will give the cleanest shave. Do make an appointment to see if you would require this the day before or the day of your wedding as it depends on your growth and proneness to irritation.

Beards, Stubbles & Taches:

Trim your beard weekly in the lead up to your wedding to get it into great shape. Invest in good beard oil, soap or conditioner, this will keep your full facial hair groomed and glossy.

For those guys who have a stubble, have a look at it, do you prefer it after day 3 of shaving or day 5. Trial and error is the only way here to assess your beard growth if you want the perfect stubble look for your wedding day.

With Taches, the same would apply, make an appointment with your barber, have it trimmed regularly and conditioned. Create a style for your wedding day.


Plan your last hair trim at least one or two weeks before your wedding, this will give you time for the style to settle and still having the sharp and neat look.

Hands and Feet:

I believe every man should have a pedicure or manicure before their wedding day, if nothing else, it’s a treat and keeps your other half happy! If you have un kept toenails or rough hands, you feel great afterwards with softer hands and smooth feet. Make an appointment a few days before your wedding for your manicure or pedicure.

Waxing and Massage:

Go with what works for you, some men think nothing of having their body waxed whilst others, would not dream of it. If you are having a body wax, book with a reputable salon, it may hurt just a little and follow any aftercare instructions you are given.

Book yourself in for a full body massage a few days before your wedding, it's amazing how you will feel afterwards and this will show in your face and your posture.


You want your teeth to be pearly white for your wedding day, so start to use a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste a few months before your wedding. Have your teeth cleaned regularly with a dental hygienist, at least every six months and book an appointment before your wedding. Have mints in your pocket on the day.

Tip of the week:

If you are not booking in for that hot towel shave and choose to shave, a disposable big brand blade is at its best the second time you use it.

Be sure to have a fresh set of blades ahead of your wedding, and never use the same blade more than five times or it will cause irritation to your skin. You will look and feel polished and well-groomed on your wedding day.

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