When to send your Save the Date Cards?

When is the right time to send your Save the Date Cards?

As with every pre-wedding detail, timing is everything. When it’s time to start
spreading the word about your wedding, there is no better place to start than
with your Save the Date cards. The timing is everything and the best time to start spreading the news would be around six
months prior to the wedding. For a destination wedding abroad, I would advise
sending your cards a little earlier, maybe a year or more, just so it gives
your guests time to plan holidays, take time off work and save money!

What should you start to do first after getting engaged? Choose your venue location and set your wedding date.
Make an appointment with a photographer to get your engagement photoshoot.
Use this photograph on your design for your save-the-date cards
Post the cards to your guests at least four to six months prior to your wedding and if you are getting married abroad, send them at least one year in advance of the date.

What information goes on a save the date card?

The save-the-date card should include both of your names on the card, your wedding date, the location of your wedding with full address or postcode. If you have your wedding venue booked, you should put that information on the card also and mention that notice for a formal invitation is to follow. Add in some information on your hotel venue and other accommodations and travel information. Most couples now have a wedding website they use, put this information onto the card also.

It is really a brief invitation that is usually sent as a postcard to alert your guests that they are invited but it isn’t mandatory and may not be necessary.

Etiquette rules apply, that if you send someone a save the date card, you have to send them an invitation, even if they already state they cannot attend and they would reply in return.

How do you address save the date cards? Save-the-date cards should go to every guest invited to your wedding including
members of your wedding party and family members. When you are addressing your
cards, you can use the following guidelines to help you: For a single guest: use Mr, Ms or Mrs
For a married couple: use Mr. and Mrs.
For an unmarried couple: Mr. full name and Ms full name
For a married couple with children: Mr and Mrs full name, followed by children’s names.
For a guest with a plus one: Mr or Ms with the last name of the primary guest and write “and guest”

Tip of the week

I would advise sending out save-the-date cards as it does help guests to plan for their children (if not attending), plan for their pets, plan flights if required and time to save for the special weekend.
Definitely have your accommodation block of rooms organised with your hotel venue and your guests can book those rooms using a code which makes it so much easier for them.

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