We are down to the final two weeks now where everything seems very real now, all of your invitations are back(well you hope!) and nearly everything is bought for the big day!

  • Finalise your table plan now and submit this into your wedding venue, if there are any dietary requirements inform the hotel of this also, so they are all catered for.
  • Pick up your wedding dress at least a week before your wedding date and have the bridesmaid dresses ready also. Have the girl’s jewellery, shoes, perfume and bags all ready to go.
  • Have a full dress rehearsal including wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, veil or headpiece
  • Wear-in  your wedding shoes at home
  • Pick up the Groomsmen’s suits if you have them hired or bought and again, ensure they fit. Shoes, cufflinks, shirts & bow ties are all ready.
  • You will also have your ceremony rehearsal the week before your wedding.
  • Give your florist your three candles for the ceremony and they will deliver them on the day for you with any other floral arrangements required.
  • Collect your tickets for your honeymoon and if you require any foreign currency, pick this up a week before your wedding. Ensure your passports are ready. Start to pack your suitcase for your honeymoon.
  • Prepare all your payments for your wedding vendors you have booked: Band, DJ, photographer, videographer, ceremony officiant, musicians for the ceremony, hotel and florist. Call all your wedding vendors booked and confirm everything.
  • Two days before your wedding have your tan organised, manicure, pedicure and any other pampering treatments.
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep two nights before your wedding night as you will find you will not sleep the night before your wedding because of the excitement!
  • Have your luggage brought to the hotel
  • Organise with your cake supplier to have your wedding cake delivered to the hotel.

On the day of your wedding:

  • For the Groom and groomsmen, have a hot towel shave organised and a good breakfast
  • Ensure the Groomsmen and ushers bring the ceremony booklets to the ceremony and that the Bestman has the wedding rings!
  • For the Bride and bridesmaids, ensure the bride eats a good breakfast and have a glass of bubbly ready for her as she will be a little nervous, especially when she puts on her wedding dress!
  • Have hair and make-up appointments organised early and always have the bride ready first, she can relax then.
  • Allow plenty of time to get dressed
  • Flowers will be delivered to the brides house
  • Don’t forget to bring your speeches with you on the day
  • Have a snack ready for the car journey and some bubbly!
  • Finally, I know it’s difficult but try to relax and take every moment in because the day will go by so fast, as everybody will tell you! So savour every magical moment.

Don’t worry about the weather! Naturally, we pick our wedding date that offers the greawww.claregalwayhotel.ie likelihood of sunshine and blue skies; however, the matter is entirely out of your hands once the date is set. There is absolutely no reason to spend a moment fretting about it, all you can do is hope for the best.

After your wedding:

  • Return the grooms and groomsmen suits to the company
  • Return any wedding décor items such as your wedding cake stand
  • Preserve your wedding bouquet
  • Have your wedding dress dry cleaned
  • Post your wedding thank you cards to all guests
  • After your honeymoon, review wedding photographs with your photographer and choose your photos for your album
  • Review your video with your videographer and discuss music for your DVD

Next week we will discuss what you need to do when and if you are changing your name after your wedding!

Tip of the Week:

Write on the back of all your wedding cards received what the guest gave you so that you can thank them as you can be very excited about opening cards and gifts.