I know the thoughts of getting the invitations ready can be painful so I have put a few tips here for you to avoid those mishaps …

Not clarifying who is invited to your wedding

If you are inviting a full family, be sure to put “The Gill Family” on the envelope and also on the invitation. If you are inviting parents or a couple put “Mr & Mrs Gill” on the invitation. If you are inviting one person and they will have a specific plus one, both names should show on the invitation and on the envelope. If you are unsure of the plus one’s name, put it on the invitation as “and Guest” so they know they can bring a guest. When they reply to you, they should then indicate what the name of that “plus one” is so that you can put their names on your table plan.

Leaving out crucial details

There is a lot of details to put on the invitations so try not to forget the important detail: Time of the ceremony, location of the ceremony, if you have a dress code, any details of pre and post-wedding celebrations, hotel information and of course the RSVP date, which is very important.

Putting an earlier start time on the invite

If you are having a church ceremony, I would put the time of the church on the invite as guests should know to show up at that time, its only common sense. You don’t want your guests waiting around for an extra period of time at the church, getting grumpy, so just state the time that you have planned for.
I would suggest, in a case where you have a ceremony in the same venue as your wedding reception. If your ceremony is scheduled for 2.30pm, I would advise putting a time of 2 pm on the invitation so that it gives your venue time to call in the guests but for the church, state the actual time.


When you are planning your invitations and getting all the information for printing, for your RSVP date make sure it is at least 4 weeks before your wedding date. There will always be some guests that do not reply by the specific date, so you will have to make calls and check with them if they are attending. It is less stressful on couples having the time to call those guests and also gives them more time to plan the seating plan for their venue. Do not leave it too close to your wedding date.
Some couples add in stamped address envelopes to send back the RSVP’s, this is totally up to you as a couple if you wish to add this in. It can be an extra cost too, I would advise putting an email address on the invitation as it is a must faster way of getting responses back.

Sending out invitations too late

Send your invitations out at least 8-10 weeks before your wedding date, you may be very busy planning your wedding, but it would be a shame if no one could make it! This will give the guests plenty of time to plan and send in their RSVP’s.

Tip of the week

Track your RSVP’s: It is so important to number your invitations onto a back corner of each RSVP and this way you always know who the returned card is from. Believe it or not, some people do return them without their names and it can be frustrating for the couples.

One last way to increase your RSVP’s: you do have great success when there’s an engaging call to action or participation factor included in the response card, for example, RSVP with a song that will keep you on the dance floor or RSVP with your favourite memory of the bride and groom – just something quirky.

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