Ways to recycle your wedding dress

A wedding dress is so much more than just a collection of silk, lace, satin or tulle. For most women, it’s the biggest clothing purchase they will ever make and a symbol of their personal style and how they looked on the most important day of their lives.  Which means when deciding what to do with your dress after your wedding can be a dilemma for so many out there. There will be some brides who will refuse to part with it and are happy to keep it stored in their house and other brides who will want to get a bit more out of it. And why shouldn’t they, a fabulous gown you have worn for one day, should get more use.

Different ways to use your wedding dress after your wedding

Dye it your favourite colour and use it as formal wear
Why not get your wedding dress dyed your favourite colour to create an elegant evening gown. You may have a few black-tie events to attend or formal events, obviously, it won’t work for every style but if your gown has a sleek, fitted silhouette it would be perfect to do. Turn it into a christening gown
A lot of people talk about doing this but how many actually go through with it, there is plenty of inspiration online to show you exactly how it can be done. I think it’s a super cute idea to pass your dress on to your child or a family member. Give your dress to a friend or family member
If you think there is something really special about a dress and it has a vintage fashion style, it would be suited to pass this onto generations of women in your family. Fashion trends change from year to year but there is something very kind and thoughtful about passing it on as a vintage piece to the next generation. Even if they don’t like the style, they can always have the option to repurpose it to fit their own personal taste. Sell it and donate the proceeds
Donating your wedding dress is such a lovely act of kindness as your dress has brought you so much happiness so why not pass on this beautiful gown and give another bride the same chance to enjoy it. Wedding dresses can be extremely expensive which is why I suggest that if you don’t want the hassle of storing it, cleaning it and boxing it you should think of selling it to a store or online and donate the funds to a charity of your choice. There are so many websites now that specialise in the resale of bridal gowns, one very popular choice is “Sell my Wedding Dress”. You will make another bride to be very happy in buying a beautiful dress at an affordable price and using your dress as an opportunity to spread kindness. Re-design your wedding dress
Every wedding dress is of great sentimental value which is why I love the idea of creating a new style using your dress. If you have a favourite style, why not upstyle your dress to suit your own personal taste.  You can wear it for another special occasion, maybe your wedding anniversary!

Tip of the week

If you are getting your wedding dress altered and you have left with scraps of your wedding dress afterwards, ask the person doing the alterations, if they can use the excess material to make the lingerie you are going to wear on the wedding night, just an idea.

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