This week we are going to touch on Engagement Rings and how to take care of your new engagement ring.

How to take care of your engagement ring

So you’ve just got engaged over the Christmas or New Year and you do need to take great care with your engagement ring.

  1. Insure your bling

So many brides & grooms forget to protect the most precious investment on their finger, but you never know what might happen so it’s best to be safe than sorry. Add your engagement ring to your home contents insurance, even if you are renting. Having them added to your policy will remove any hassle should anything happen to them. Many jewellers now offer insurance policies so check when you are purchasing your engagement ring.

  1. Treat it kindly

Diamonds are the hardest material in the world but they can also chip, treat your ring well and try not to knock them off things.

  1. Make the most of the jewellers

Many jewellers will offer a complimentary six or twelve-month checkup to look over your ring to make sure the diamond is still in place and wearing well.

  1. Store it well

It is important to keep your ring in a secure place, the box it came in is safe or in a jewellery box.

  1. Keeping it clean

You are entitled to get the ring cleaned once or twice a year with your jewellers, do not try to clean it yourself as you may cause damage over time. Gemstones such as Emeralds do not react well to bleach, so it is advisable to take your ring off when cleaning. It can make your ring dull.

  1. Keep your ring on

Many women like to take their rings off when they are washing their hands or doing other things but remember if you are not at home, you may forget them. Do not take off your rings, they could easily drop down the sink or you can forget them.

  1. Keep a photograph of your ring...

...just in case of it being lost or stolen.

Those are some tips on your engagement ring and I hope this helps all the newly engaged couples.

Tip of the Week

Get your ring valued: it should state the cut of the diamond and the weight also. You should get this from the jewellers you buy it from.

Trend of the Week

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