If you are one of the lucky couples and have your wedding booked with us you receive a Complimentary Wedding Website called Moposa “My wedding” in English which helps you with all of your wedding planning, One of the aspects to this website is that you receive a yearly planner which informs you of what you should be doing 12 months out, 6 months, 3 months, 4 weeks, 1 week.

The more you have planned the easier it is and you actually enjoy your engagement and wedding planning without any stress, which is the most important thing.

So looking at 12 months before your wedding: the following will help guide you to what you should be looking at starting to plan or do for your wedding:

  • Set the wedding date
  • Book reception venue
  • Book ceremony venue

All of the above should be co-ordinated together so you get the ceremony matching your venue and your preferred date

  • Choose your bridal party – discuss this with your partner and once you have decided, you can then ask your chosen besties
  • Create your initial guest list – create your guest list for both bride & groom’s family, you can sometimes visit your parents or family and ensure you haven’t forgotten anybody, then you have a final guest list number!
  • Check out Bands and DJ services – start to look at bands playing live at Wedding venues or at Wedding Showcases which is a great help in deciding which band you would like, once you have heard a few bands and DJ services, I would advise booking those at this point
  • Research Wedding dress styles and start to make some appointments with your bridal shops
  • Research Invitations – just to give you some ideas
  • Browse for floral designs
  • Start researching hairstyles
  • Browse photographs of wedding cakes to find your favourite design

Look after yourself, enjoy getting fit and healthy – very important to take time out

  • Research honeymoon destinations
  • Browse Wedding Rings
  • Book your photographer
  • Book your videographer

Again, both of the above photographer & videographer should be researched online, visit maybe three and then decide on which one you prefer and book them also at this point

  • Book ceremony musicians – as they can be busy also

Tip of the Week:

When planning your wedding, once you have a date set and venue chosen you should then start to look into Wedding Bands and DJ services. Phone them and ask when and where they are playing at their next Wedding, go along to hear them play; you will get a good feel for them and will know if you are happy with your choice.

With DJ services, I would advise going with a DJ who specialises as a Wedding DJ as they are very good at what they do, they are good MC’s on the night, can judge the crowd and continue the celebrations into the early hours of the morning.