Doesn't it seem that from the moment you got engaged to even after you walked down the aisle that nearly everyone around you has some words of wisdom, advice, or suggestions for your big day? While it's all usually good-natured and with the best intentions, it can seem a bit overwhelming. It turns out, there's actually really great advice out there from brides who have been there, done that — you just have to listen to those ladies.

Take it all in with Your New Spouse

Take your husband aside for a second at some stage during the day and stand together as you take it all in. This is probably the only time in our lives everyone you care about and love would be under one roof, let alone solely in a celebration about us. So do that, and you will make sure to take mental pictures you can carry with you both for a lifetime.

Don't Keep Score

Marriage is a daily forgiveness. You're going to have to find yourself forgiving the other person on a constant, daily basis if you're going to want to survive. Also, you can't keep a record of wrongs. True forgiveness has no record of wrong.

Don't Stop Dating

Remember that at one point, your husband/wife was your boyfriend/girlfriend. While he/she was your boyfriend/girlfriend you went the extra mile to look nice, make romantic gestures, be extra affectionate and most importantly be more forgiving in those not-so-perfect moments. Continue, “dating" throughout your marriage and you'll keep things as exciting as the first day you met.

Savour the Planning

Enjoy the process and the planning of your wedding because it's the only time that it is all going to revolve around you and your partner. All future events will be based on other things and other people, so it's the only time that a long period of time will be devoted to the two of you. It's special, so enjoy it

Think Longterm

Plan for the marriage, not the wedding. It's a simple saying but it means a lot. Planning for your life together and not a single day is often forgotten.

Learning the art of compromise

The wedding day is you and your partners day and of course, what you both want should take precedence but remember it’s also a big day for your loved ones. It’s inevitable that some of their expectations will differ from your own and this can lead to disagreements. Try and see things from their perspective and once it's not going to fundamentally change what you have planned for the day, be prepared to give in every now and then. Compromise is a big part of marriage, so think of it as practice!

Tip of the week:

I’ve never been to a wedding where something didn’t go wrong, be it from forgetting the wedding ring to the dress getting trod on, Your wedding will be no different!

So a little tip, on the morning of your wedding, when you wake up, remind yourself of the fact that today you will marry your favourite person in the whole world. Even if your driver doesn’t show up, you are the luckiest person on the planet and nothing is going to stop you from having an amazing day, nothing else matters.

Trend of the week:

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