A Guide for all Newly Engaged Couples

Congratulations, you have just got engaged. You are brimming
with excitement and very keen to get your planning started. This usually
consists of your partner sighing with relief that you actually said yes and you
are screaming around the room and crying with happiness.  But first things first, you need to inform
your family and friends about your engagement. Your family may already be aware
of your engagement if your partner took the traditional route of asking your
father’s permission or your mother’s opinion on the ring but you still need
your own special moment to announce the great news.

Who to tell:

  1. Children: if either of you have children
    from a previous relationship or if you already have children together, it is
    very important to tell them first even before telling your parents. They are
    the most important part of your lives and should be first to be told. If you have
    more than one child tell all the children together to avoid favouritism.
    Arrange a family day out or a nice family meal at home to share the news that
  2. Parents: your parents are usually the
    first people that you will share the news of your engagement. Arrange to meet
    with them for dinner or have them over for dinner and have a toast to tell them
    together. Tradition has it that the bride to be should tell her parents first
    and then the groom.
  3. Friends: I would inform your close
    friends in person over a coffee or night out for drinks. For other friends then
    a lot of people in the social media age will announce on Instagram or on Facebook
    by changing their status from “in a relationship” to “Engaged”. This is fine
    for some friends but for close ones, I think best to meet and give them the
    good news in person.
  4. Everyone else: Once you have family and
    close friends told, then feel free to spread the word far and wide. A social
    media engagement post is a quick way to spread the news fast and nothing feels
    better than sharing your happiness with the world.

Other things to do after you
are engaged:

  • Get your engagement ring insured and get all the
    documents that are required from your jewellers and do this as soon as you have
    the ring purchased. Jewellery insurance covers accidental damage like losing a
    stone and speak with an insurance provider about adding the ring to your home
    contents policy. Keep all your valuation documents in a safe place with a
    photograph of your ring.
  • Get a Manicure; pamper yourself with a
    professional manicure that will compliment your fabulous new engagement ring
  • You will be asked when are you getting married;
    choose even a year to keep them happy with a response! Some couples have a
    longer engagement and then start to plan a year later, other couples want to
    start the planning straight away especially if they have a specific date or
    year in mind.
  • Set up a wedding email address so that all your
    wedding emails are sent to one address and you both have access to it
  • Organise your date and your venue
  • Have an idea of a Guestlist: big or small; this
    will then help you with your venues and budget planning and give you a better
    indication of what size venue you will need. Remember your guest list is a list
    and will reduce on the actual day, so you will have a drop on invitee numbers.
  • Set a budget you wish to spend and open a
    wedding savings account to get started. Although you’re still in the early
    stages it is worth thinking about what you can afford and want to spend on
    your wedding. Having it in one place shows you how much you have saved
  • Once you have a date and venue chosen, you can
    start to begin to book other wedding suppliers that would be important at this
    time, like your band, DJ service and photographer.
  • Get on Pinterest, this tends to be most brides
    best friend for wedding inspiration. There is so much inspiration to be found
    online and you can find that you can get easily carried away for a few hours!
    You can also buy a few bridal magazines: the internet can be overwhelming when
    you are going through websites, magazines may help remedy that feeling.
  • Get a wedding planner diary and start the
    planning process or if you have booked with us at the hotel, you receive your
    own personal online wedding planner called Moposa
  • Decide on a bridal party, a lot of women have
    already planned who they will choose so now is the fun time of planning and a
    good excuse to open a bottle of prosecco and celebrate with your besties
  • Relax; do your best to avoid unnecessary stress
    and enjoy your engagement time, it’s a good time to get used to calling your
    boyfriend or girlfriend your fiancé or fiancée
  • Plan an engagement party to get both family and
    friends together
  • Most importantly, enjoy the planning

Tip of the week

Asking your besties to be your bridesmaid can be fun and exciting part of the planning, there are many ways to ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid but two of my favourites are inviting your best girls over for a cup of tea, see who finishes their drink and unveil the special message hidden at the bottom of the mug. You can get those from Letter Loft and the other one is a personalised bottle of wine with their name and message on the bottle asking them to be a bridesmaid. This can be sourced on easy online.

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