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THE GAELTACHT from The Claregalway Hotel

When you visit the Claregalway Hotel, you are entering into one of Ireland’s historic ‘Gaeltacht’ regions. ‘Gaeltacht’ is the Irish word for a primarily Irish speaking region. In the small rural areas of the Gaeltacht, Irish is the first language of many of the inhabitants, and compared to the rest of the country, is still widely used. The existence of these areas, where the Irish language lives on in modern society, is the cornerstone of Ireland’s bilingual society, and an essential part of preserving Irish culture.

Most of the Gaeltacht areas are located in the west of Ireland, where there is a high concentration of Irish speakers in the western counties of Mayo, Galway, Kerry and Donegal.

Baile Chláir na Gaillimhe Claregalway

County Galway is home to the highest number of native Irish speakers in the country, and Claregalway lies within a Gaeltacht region. 12% of the population of Claregalway are native Irish speakers, so you may notice Irish being used on our road signs, on the radio, and in the local shop.

discover the Irish LANGUAGE

Why not embrace this Gaelic location and learn some of the famous Irish language? Below you will find some conversation starters and responses to assist your stay at the Claregalway Hotel.

Gaeilge ~ English ~ How to pronounce it
  • Dia Dhuit  ~  Hello  ~  Deea gwich
  • Cad is ainm duit?  ~  What’s your name?  ~  Cod iss annim dit?
  • ____ is ainm dom  ~  My name is ____  ~  ____ iss annim dum
  • Conas atá tú?  ~  How are you?  ~  Kuness a taw too
  • Go raibh maith agat  ~  Thank you  ~  Gur-uv ma uh-gut
  • Tá mé go maith  ~  I am good  ~  Taw may guh mah
  • Cad ás tú?  ~  Where are you from?  ~  Cod os too
  • cén t-am bricfeasta?  ~  What time is breakfast?  ~  Kane taw-um brickfawsta
  • Caife le do thoil  ~  Coffee please  ~  Coffey le doh hull
  • Cupán Tae le do thoil  ~  Cup of tea please  ~  Cu-pawn tay le doh hull
  • Pinn de guinness le do thoil  ~  A pint of Guinness please  ~  Pin deh Guinness le doh hull
  • Sláinte  ~  Cheers  ~  Slaun te
  • Cén t-am seiceáil amach?  ~  What time is check out?  ~  Kane taw um shceal awmak
  • Slán  ~  Good bye  ~  Slawn