How to preserve and clean your wedding veil

Nothing completes your wedding look like a gorgeous wedding veil. The history of the veil is important as well, many who lived in Ancient Greece and Rome believed that a veil kept evil spirits away from the bride!

Whether you believe a veil is a good luck charm or just a beautiful addition to your bridal look, you should make every attempt to preserve it and to ensure that no one ends up with a torn, burnt or a yellowed headpiece.

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The first thing to do is preserve your veil and dress as soon as possible. If it’s not cleaned and stored correctly, it discolours and weakens over time. You should try and get both the dress and veil preserved together.

To preserve your wedding gown and veil, you can either store it in an archival safe acid and lignin free box and tissue or another way would be to hang your items in a 100% cotton bag.

Hanging your veil allows the fabric to breath, reducing the risk of yellowing, permanent creases and mould that are commonly found in a sealed box. If you do decide to use the boxed route, it is very important to use acid and lignin free tissue and boxes. Some paper materials contain acid and this over time, can damage fabric and veil material.

If you choose to clean and store your veil your self at home, you can clean it but using the correct products. If you veil is very dirty after your wedding, try using a mild detergent, rinsing your veil really well and hanging it to dry. If needed, you can also use a very low temperature iron to press the veil and remove any creases. Finish by wrapping your veil in an acid and lignin free tissue and placing it in an archival box or a bag purchased from a company who specialises in restoring garments.

The most important aspect of preservation is where you store your veil, try not to store it in an attic, a basement or somewhere cold, it will damage over time. The best place to store it is in a climate-controlled area, like under a bed or hanging in a wardrobe to ensure it lasts for generations. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight as it can quickly fade and turn yellow.

How to clean a yellowed wedding veil:

Look at the veil closely and if you notice dry or brittle spots, send the veil to a professional for cleaning.

Read the manufacturer instructions on the bleach to determine how much to use

Fill a bath tub with about 10 inches of warm water and pour the bleach mixture into the warm water and gently mix with your hands

Lay a towel flat, place the veil on the towel and cover it with another towel. Place the towels and veil into the water until it reaches the bottom of the bath. Wait for 20-30 minutes and check to see that it’s whitening. Keep the veil in the bath no longer than 2 hours.

Drain the tub and turn the tap to cool water. Keep the veil between the two towels and rinse under the water. Wring the veil gently in between the towels. Lay the towel and veil flat in the empty bath. Gently remove the top towel and carefully pick up the veil.

Place a dry towel on a flat surface. Spread the veil on the towel and place another dry towel over it. Press lightly to absorb leftover moisture. After the veil dries, gently comb and arrange the veil with your fingers and hang on a plastic hanger.

Tip of the week

When preserving your wedding veil, you can try this on tulle, illusion netting and lace at home but with certain fabrics like silk veils, satin trims or intricate details, they are best dry cleaned by a professional. You could find self-cleaning could create a hole in the fabric and satin trims is likely to wrinkle when dry. There are wedding veil preservation kits available online if you wish to use their services.

On the other hand some brides wear an heirloom veil on their wedding day and it infuses a vintage vibe into your bridal look, some can complement the dress hue.

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