Choosing a perfect wedding venue and wedding suppliers for your wedding day can be stressful and planning it from abroad can be even more stressful. I would have couples from Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK who are in the process of planning and really do not know where to start. Spending your wedding day with your nearest and dearest is the most important factor and you really need to have a trusted wedding team who will take care of everything for you, which will help you enjoy the planning process knowing you are in good hands.

Allocate a point of contact:

Lots of couples plan their wedding from abroad with the hope of flying home at the early stages of their engagement to meet with their wedding venue and meet the person who will be replying to their emails, answering any queries they may have, help them with other wedding vendors and getting recommendations. If they do not have this chance to fly home, they normally send a member of their family or relation to meet with the person in the hotel and they can experience what the hotel has to offer first hand. They really want to be reassured that they have chosen the perfect venue for their special day, put a picture to the name and they feel more comfortable about their hotel choice.

Staying in touch

Staying connected with your wedding planner and venue is the most important aspect to successfully plan your wedding from abroad. Using What’s app or facetime, skype viewing of the hotel in real-time, all those options give you more choices and keeps you up to date with the planning. Bear in mind, the time difference in each country, if you are calling the hotel venue, I would always ask which part of the country the couple are located, as they all have different time zones. Regular emails updates of any part of the planning, should be emailed to your hotel, it will save you time have to type up a long email, taking a lot of your time, its easier to just send a quick email on your iPhone: this is the name of our band or photographer and its updated.

Research travel options for your guests travelling from abroad

When planning your wedding from abroad, you will have a certain number of guests who will travel also, so don’t forget to include information in your invitation for those guests or at the save the date-time. Send them links with recommendations of accommodation, car hire, bus transfers from airports, taxi services within hotel distance, hairdressers, makeup artists, list of B&B’ in the area – all of those can be easily accessed through your hotel. For those guests travelling from abroad, its best to send a save the date card and they can plan well in advance for the journey home to join you in the celebrations.

Use local suppliers or recommendations

You want to ensure you book a reputable and trusted supplier for your wedding, play it safe, you don’t want to have a supplier who has minimal contact with you and backs out within a few weeks of your wedding. Ask your wedding planner for advice on other areas of your wedding planning, they would have formed a relationship over the years with local suppliers and would give you their details, google them and check out www.claregalwayhotel.ieimonials online.

Organisation is the key

You need to be super organised when you are planning your wedding abroad. Starting from the ceremony right through to the post-wedding party celebrations. With the ceremony, check your paperwork is in order, letters of freedom, registration of marriage certificate, this will allow you plenty of time to work through any issues that may arise, you have time to get things sorted without stress. From the hotel point of view, I would personally give advice and assistance on the Irish legal requirements, church or ceremonies, pointers for what information is required and a countdown of the important jobs to do in the final few weeks and keeping in touch regularly by emails or phone calls.

Tip of the week

Send out save the date cards for your guests who are also travelling from abroad, be it in USA or Australia they are located as their holidays available may be less than that here in Ireland, they can then plan well in advance. Have a note also in those cards to check passports are in date.

Trend of the week:

There is just something about a wedding dress with great back detail, the dress is beautiful from the front and then WOWZA the bride turns around. Eol by Pronovias is that type of dress! Crossed beaded fringe and crepe create an ultra-feminine silhouette where the mermaid skirt and bateau neckline on the front paint a picture of an elegant and very sensual bride. A dress with a great personality that accentuates the beauty of the fabrics and the natural sparkle of the appliqués to make you shine. The bateau neckline contrasts with the back, combining sophistication