There are many destinations available to all couples planning their dream honeymoon, and weather and hotel prices are some of the travel factors that will rise and fall throughout the year. You will get a different experience if you went somewhere in July rather than December.

Summer Honeymoon destinations

This is probably the most popular season to get married and is your time if you dream of long balmy days by the sea and party until the sun goes down.

St Lucia

The brilliant thing about St Lucia is that you can do snorkelling in crystal clear water, or hiking, or relaxing on a beach with cocktails, all within close proximity of your resort. A lot of these are also designated exclusively to couples who are planning their honeymoon. June or July would be a great time to visit St Lucia, as the weather is not only warm, but hotel rates can be cheaper than earlier in the year. The St Lucia Carnival kicks off then too, with a colourful spectacle of dancers parading the streets.


Summer in Iceland is surprisingly pleasant and temperatures regularly hit 20 degrees and you can expect nearly 24 hours of sunshine a day in the height of the summer. The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is THE hotspot of the moment, creating the most amazingly luxurious backdrop to relax and take some mandatory Instagram snaps. Everyone who stays in the Silica Hotel gets a complimentary Premium Pass into the lagoon.


July is the start of peak season in Tanzania for a reason. Temperatures will be around 30°C and the dry weather means there won’t be too much greenery blocking your views of the wildlife such as elephants and over one million wild beasts in the National Park. You might have to pay a bit extra for the privilege but go to Tanzania in July if you’ve ever dreamed of tracking wildlife on safari. That might sound like a lot of activity for a honeymoon, but Zanzibar is just off the Tanzanian coast and would make for a great pit-stop to laze by the beach afterwards.

Winter Honeymoon destinations

Winter weddings are very popular as lots of couples love to get married in November, December or January and it’s the most wonderful time of the year for a honeymoon. Jetting off to somewhere new and exciting to start your married life.

The Maldives

The islands are very lucky in that they have great weather all year round, a great place for diving and surfing and the wintertime is the cheapest time to go to the Maldives. It is also the wet season, so be prepared for some rainfall, when it rains they don’t usually last very long and are following by temperatures of 26 degrees and plenty of sunshine.


For those couples who love to ski, Canada is absolutely incredible during the wintertime. Mountain climbing, skiing and white-water rafting are some of the activities available. There is a fabulous Shadow Lake Lodge there and you can access this by skiing or hiking through the woods, lots of adventure here for couples.

Spring Honeymoon Destinations

Springtime here in Ireland can still be cold and dreary weather and a perfect time to go on a honeymoon when it’s a good time to avoid the bigger crowds and higher prices.


The most popular tourist attractions in the world is Machu Picchu in Peru which is located on top of a mountain in the depths of South America. The busiest tourist season here tends to be during the later months in April and May. There are ancient ruins which can be seen here are amazing.


In springtime, this is the recommended time to visit as the temperatures are warm and dry with the tourist season beginning to ease off. Summertime in Australia gets a bit intense from November to January where our winter is their summer with temperatures of 25 degrees and lots of sunshine. There are lots of beaches to explore and breath-taking viewpoints.


You can travel to any of the northern lakes which are spectacular and probably best to rent a car and explore them at your own leisure. A fantastic country with lots of sights to visit and April in Italy offers fantastic deals for travel and hotels.

Tip of the week:

Plan a trip of a lifetime, don’t skimp on your budget, choose somewhere where you both will enjoy, make sure you have some activity included and then relaxation and finally make sure your passport is in date.