Flower Meanings

The meaning of rose colours

Red: Love, passion, beauty, courage and respect
Burgundy: Undying love and beauty
White: Purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, heavenly
Dark pink: Appreciation and gratitude
Light pink: Admiration, sympathy, grace, joy and sweetness
Yellow: Joy, delight, friendship, welcome back and new beginnings
Orange: Fascination, desire and enthusiasm
Peach: Appreciation, closing the deal, get together and sincerity
Coral: Desire and fascination
Lavender: Love at first sight, enchantment
Yellow with a red tip: Friendship and falling in love
Red & White roses: Together these signify unity
Red & Yellow roses: Together they mean happiness and excitement

What does your floral arrangement mean?

Rare beauty, purity, perfect loveliness, innocence, friendship, desire, luck, prosperity, gratitude, elegance, joy and unfading love. January: Red carnation or white snowdrop
February: Ranunculus, Tulips, violets in purple or sky blue, yellow primroses
March: Freesia, daffodil, hydrangea
April: Lilac, yellow or red daisy or sweet peas
May: Peonies, lily of the valley, yellow or red hawthorn
June: Iris, lisianthus, honeysuckle, white or cream rose
July: Zinnia, sunflowers, delphinium, waterlily, green or red larkspur
August: Magnolia,poppies,orange/red/light green gladiolas
September: Hyacinthus, chrysanthemum, morning glory, brown or deep blue aster
October: Marigold, white or yellow calendula or cosmos
November: Camellia, Stargazer lily, blue/red/yellow chrysanthemum
December: Casa Blanca lily, narcissus or holly

Flowers by Seasons

Spring: Hydrangea, Orchid, Peony, Tulip
Summer: Sunflower, Freesia, Iris and Phlox
Autumn: Dahlia, Mums, Rose, Yarrow
Winter: Star of Bethlehem, Gardenia, Amaryllis, Stephanotis

What the colours of flowers represent

Blue (purple) – Tranquility and harmony
Yellow – Hope and happiness
Green – Good luck
Orange – Warmth and enthusiasm
Pink – Fresh beginnings
White – Innocence and purity
Red – Passion and dynamic

The meaning of colours:

Blue: stability, loyalty
Red: passion, love, bold, daring
Brown: honest, genuine, safe
Magenta: balance, optimistic
Purple: powerful, luxurious
Light blue: tranquillity, soft
Green: ambition, growth
Gold: elegant, luxury, confident
Peach: soft, charm
Orange: warmth, energy, vitality
Light pink: romantic, feminine, hope

Tip of the week

If you or your partner have an allergy to a particular
flower, this can play a huge part in what ingredients you choose to put in your
arrangements. You can find anti-allergen flowers and ask your florist to
research and plan this for you.

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