Father of the Bride Speech

As with all speeches at weddings, some tend to go on a
a little bit too long and the guests would prefer if they were short and sweet,
to the point and that they are after the meal. The father of the bride speech would be the first of the
speeches and is then followed by the father of the groom, groom and best man. So
as all dad’s speeches, you are the one to start the proceedings and there are a
few essential things for the dads to include in their speeches and some of
which I will delve into here.

The structure of the father of the bride speech

Think in terms of time, you should be no longer than 8-10
minutes with your speech, any longer and your guests are losing interest. Some
dads prefer to have 4-5 minutes of a speech and it’s short and sweet. What you
need to include in your speech would be;

  1. Introduce yourself; most of the guests will know
    who you are but its worth a quick introduction and a quick joke to break the
  2. Welcome your guests to the wedding; formally
    welcome all the guests and thank them for being at the wedding.
    Thank the brides mum for all her hard work and helping raise such a wonderful
    Thank any siblings also
  3. Welcome the groom into the family; how you approach
    this depends on the kind of relationship you have with him. You could have a
    funny approach or a sentimental welcome. Keep the sentiment positive and say
    how happy you are to have him in your daughter’s life and wish them many happy
    years of happiness for their future together
  4. Praise your daughter; This is the core of the
    father of the bride’s speech and you would want this to be memorable and
    heartfelt. Try telling an anecdote that exemplifies your daughter, this could
    be something silly or funny and try to keep it short. Say how proud you are of
    the woman she has become and compliment her on how well she looks today. You
    could mention her achievements but sometimes, saying you’re proud of her, implies
    all that.
  5. Finish your speech with a toast by asking all
    guests to stand and raise a glass to the newlyweds.

The above are just some pointers to help
the dads out there in terms of what the main areas to mention and is still
memorable and short.

Are there any other tips for the father of the bride speech? Practice makes perfect, rehearse your
speech at home, speak slowly and allow some time in there for the laughs. Avoid anything too embarrassing. It is not
the time for crude jokes or ex-boyfriends. Raise a glass to absent friends or family
who could not make the wedding, keeping it short

What if the father of the bride is not a real fan of the groom? This can happen that not every father of
the bride will adore the groom as much as their daughter does. Do not include
anything negative about him in the speech and just stick to praising your
daughter and say that you’re happy that he makes her happy.

Tip of the week

Use little cards or a prompt if you are
nervous in any way, try to memorise the speech so it will be more heartfelt
rather than reading from a card directly.

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