Cleaning your engagement ring

With diamond engagement rings, it is very hard to keep them
clean all of the time. Hand cream, grease, general dirt and soap all have an
impact on your ring and affect it.

A dirty ring can make your diamonds look dull and thankfully there is an easy solution to this problem. All jewellers will clean your diamond rings for you but if
you simply don’t have the time to get there, I have a cleaning routine which
you can do without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need to make your
ring sparkle again is a mug, washing up liquid, a kettle and a toothbrush with
a small bristle head.

What are the steps to cleaning your engagement ring at home? To start with pour hot water into a mug and squeeze in a few
drops of washing up liquid. Place your diamond ring into the hot water for twenty

Take the ring out of the hot water and gently rub the dirty areas with the toothbrush, just make sure you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

After cleaning with the toothbrush, dry the ring with a hairdryer on a medium heat setting or a soft cloth made of cotton (do not use a paper towel as they scratch the metal) and enjoy your new sparkly diamonds. If your diamonds still look a little cloudy you can repeat the process again.

It is recommended that you clean your ring with this method every 4-6 weeks. If your ring is white gold, it is also recommended to get the ring rhodium plated every 18 months and this is something that your jeweller would do. The same applies to platinum, yellow gold and rose gold rings, which would be polished.

How often should you clean your engagement ring? It is recommended that you get it deep cleaned about once a
year with your jeweller and you can use the above method at home during that

How to look after your engagement ring The tips I just gave will work for any hard-precious stones
like diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. If you have a softer stone like a
pearl or opal, talk to your jeweller about how to maintain it. Most cleaning solutions like using coke, baking soda,
toothpaste, vinegar or even bleach can scratch or damage the stone or metal so
do not take any risks and use the fairy liquid when cleaning your ring.

Even when you are out gardening, do wear a pair of gloves rather than getting your ring dirty and it’s safer also or if you are doing any type of sports or activities it is safer if you remove your ring, not only for the ring itself but for your finger too!

If you take off your ring store it in a dry fabric-lined box or a soft pouch. If you find that your ring has any major knocks or any
stones feel wobbly, take it off immediately and store it and bring to your
jeweller to check that the stones are intact and secure in the setting.

Tip of the week

Buy engagement ring insurance, I highly recommend that you insure your ring either homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance by adding it to your policy which includes a valuation and photograph of your engagement.

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