Choosing a videographer is just as important as your photographer. It’s really a movie capturing all the special elements and magic of your big day in living colour, from the wedding day preparations through to the dancefloor antics!!

And thanks to advancements in digital technology, the quality of videos today has improved dramatically over the years. Instead of using the large, obtrusive cameras that were standard 10 years ago, most videographers now shoot with small discreet digital video cameras.

You will probably receive your video in DVD format ensuring better picture quality and this has a shelf life of 100 years as opposed to 15 years with a VHS tape.

A video is a very personal thing, some couples love to have it and it’s a must, whilst others choose not. It has its pros and I would recommend one, it's lovely to look back on, even my kids now look at our wedding video! For those who have passed on since it’s nice to look back on those special moments.

Some tips when choosing a videographer

There are some ideas I have here when choosing a videographer and questions you need to know.

  • Get recommendations from friends & family
  • Check dates first to see if they are available for your wedding.
  • Check out their websites where you can view sample reels. If a videographer does not have a website or it's poorly designed, take it as a sign that they are not technologically up to speed
  • When you start to meet with them, ask to see an example of an entire, edited tape from one wedding rather than a demo
  • What is their standard coverage, decide how long you wish them to record and what is most important for you both.
  • Budget for your video also: some can start in the bride’s house, church, reception, first dance, up until Midnight – choose which package you would like. Videographers can range anything from €1500.00-€2500.00, depending on your preferred package & style.
  • Experience: make sure you are choosing someone with a lot of experience, it pays at the end of the day!
  • Check if they have a wireless transmission of sound for the vows and speeches
  • Personality: make sure you get on with the person you have booked, you will know this when you first meet to discuss everything. Have a good rapport, feel you can say what you wish to have, discuss everything and have no regrets. They should also get on well with your photographer.
  • Be sure to specify the music you want to be included in the soundtrack.
  • Are video messages included in your package – maybe this is something you would like or not
  • Get 2/3 copies of your video in Blu-Ray or DVD

Some videographers hold degrees in film making or broadcast journalism, and they will record your wedding with a storytellers’ understanding of real, dramatic moments as well as a cinematographer’s eye for beautiful images – like a film.

The best documentary-style videographers work with a 3 chip broadcast digital camera. This type of camera works well in candlelit ballrooms, eliminating the need to bring in extra lighting which can be obtrusive & distracting. They also use software to create stylish effects or turning certain scenes to sepia or black & white

You can also go with a Motion Picture Film – 8mm or even 16 mm, looks like a Hollywood Movie. This is a film version of your wedding day, very expensive: €2-3K,

Tip of the week:

Ask your videographer how long the turnaround is and when would you expect to have your DVD in your hand, some take 3 months and I have heard of others can take longer. Also, ensure you have a lifetime back up – just in case your DVD gets destroyed in fire or anything, you can get another copy.

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