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Planning the Perfect Hen Party
Posted on: 2018-11-13 16:59:34Wedding Tips
Planning the Perfect Hen Party Planning a hen party can be pretty stressful particularly if you have never planned a large event before as Chief Bridesmaid. If you have been asked to plan your best friend’s hen party then the first thing you need to
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Planning Your Winter Wedding
Posted on: 2018-11-12 09:29:27Wedding Tips
Planning a Winter Wedding: This is a very special time of the year to tie the knot. Winter is a romantic time, after all, its engagement season and a special time to spend with those you love. For couples who can’t get enough of the wintertime, hosting
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The Role of the Best Man
Posted on: 2018-10-17 16:49:57Wedding Tips
Duties of a Bestman: The Best man is the chief assistant to the groom at a wedding and (along with the Maid of Honour). The groom extends this honour to someone who is close to him, generally close friend or relative. When the groom wishes to give this honour
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What Does a Maid of Honour Really Do?
Posted on: 2018-10-12 09:47:45Wedding Tips
Maid of honour Etiquette every bestie needs to know: being the bride’s right-hand woman is a big deal! What Does a Maid of Honour Really Do? The maid of honour helps the bride with wedding planning, making decisions and navigating family difficulties
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Wedding Invitations mistakes to avoid
Posted on: 2018-10-03 09:00:00Wedding Tips
Wedding Invitations mistakes to avoid I know the thoughts of getting the invitations ready can be painful so I have put a few tips here for you to avoid those mishaps … Not clarifying who is invited to your wedding If you are inviting a full family
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Tips for your First Dance
Posted on: 2018-09-19 09:02:16Wedding Tips
Tips for your First Dance The first dance is my favourite part of the wedding reception because the bride & groom are given the opportunity to share in a personal moment that is exclusive to the two of them. Especially after spending hours with the wedding
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After care of your wedding dress
Posted on: 2018-09-12 09:09:48Wedding Tips
Your wedding has come and gone and you may wonder at this point what to do with your wedding dress. Do you place it in storage? Do you preserve it? You cannot just throw it in your spare wardrobe and forget about it; it needs proper care to remain in pristine
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A Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording
Posted on: 2018-09-06 09:02:22Wedding Tips
Once you have chosen your wedding invitations from lots of beautiful designs, then comes the tricky task of your wedding invitation wording. Whether you are having a ceremony, church blessing or have been married before you do require some basic information
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When choosing your Wedding Cake
Posted on: 2018-07-30 09:09:30Wedding Tips
Planning your wedding cake and deciding which type of wedding cake you would like takes time and consideration: begin with looking at pictures of weddings cakes, there are many portfolio’s out there and you can see trends for 2018 and start to have ideas
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RSVP’s Tips for your Wedding
Posted on: 2018-07-17 15:05:29Wedding Tips
RSVP’s Tips for your Wedding For those who want to increase your RSVP response rate: I have some ideas here on what to do to make it a bit easier for the guests replying and also to save the bride & groom from phoning up guests who do not reply
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