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The wedding of the year – Harry & Meghan 19th May 2018
Posted on: 2018-05-21 09:19:01Wedding Tips
Harry & Meghan 19th May 2018 All eyes of the world were firmly on London on Saturday last 19th May 2018 when Prince Harry married Hollywood actress Meghan Markle and they officially became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The wedding took place in St George
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Grooming for the Groom
Posted on: 2018-05-16 14:09:11Wedding Tips
The groom is often neglected in the middle of all the wedding planning and sometimes, some grooms may be happy with this but now I find more and more grooms are putting a lot of effort into their appearance for their special day. There are lots of ways in
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Honeymoon Destinations Guide
Posted on: 2018-05-09 12:58:32Wedding Tips
There are many destinations available to all couples planning their dream honeymoon throughout the year.
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The Best Advice I Was Given Before My Wedding Day
Posted on: 2018-04-18 10:23:14Wedding Tips
Doesn't it seem that from the moment you got engaged to even after you walked down the aisle that nearly everyone around you has some words of wisdom, advice, or suggestions for your big day? While it's all usually good-natured and with the best intentions
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How to Choose a Wedding Videographer
Posted on: 2018-03-15 09:59:31Wedding Tips
Choosing a videographer is just as important as your photographer. It’s really a movie capturing all the special elements and magic of your big day in living colour!
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The Do’s & Don’ts of Personalising your Reception Menu
Posted on: 2018-02-26 16:55:39Wedding Tips
"A wedding meal should be a narrative of you as a couple and the foods you love”
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Wedding Guest List Struggles? Working out who comes and who doesn't!
Posted on: 2018-02-16 09:58:38Wedding Tips
Drawing up your wedding guestlist is a notoriously tricky task. Working out who to invite is the easy part - but working out who you do and don't have the space and budget to accommodate is a minefield. However! It doesn't need to be as hard as it sounds.
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Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring
Posted on: 2018-02-08 15:32:06Wedding Tips
So you’ve just got engaged over the Christmas or New Year and you do need to take great care with your engagement ring...
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Top Tips for Wedding Speeches
Posted on: 2018-02-01 12:28:30Wedding Tips
Wedding speeches can be nerve-wracking for those required to speak - check out our top tips for what each speaker should cover on the big day.
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9 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer
Posted on: 2017-12-13 14:47:10Wedding Tips
hoosing a photographer may be a struggle with some couples as they don’t know where to begin or what to look for. There is no need to panic as they can easily get some well recommended supplier names from their wedding venue or wedding websites.
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