What to do after the proposal

So, he has proposed and now you are probably brimming with excitement after the big proposal and very keen to get planning. But first things first, you need to inform your family and friends about your engagement.

Who to tell:

  1. Children: if either of you has children from a previous relationship or if you already have children together, it is very important to tell them first even before telling your parents. They are the most important part of your lives and should be first to be told. If you have more than one child tell all the children together to avoid favouritism. Arrange a family day out or a nice family meal at home to share the news that way.
  2. Parents: your parents are usually the first people that you will share the news of your engagement. Arrange to meet with them for dinner or have them over for dinner and have a toast to tell them together. Tradition has it that the bride to be should tell her parents first and then the groom.
  3. Friends: I would inform your close friends in person over a coffee or night out for drinks. For other friends then a lot of people in the social media age will announce on Facebook by changing their status from “in a relationship” to “Engaged”. This is fine for some friends but for close ones, I think best to meet and give them the good news in person.
  4. Everyone Else: Once you have family and close friends told, then feel free to spread the word far & wide. You will probably find that the news spreads fast as your parents, siblings & relatives and friends are all excited and will tell people.

Other things to do after you are engaged:

  • Get a Manicure: make sure your sparkly ring looks good: a lot of attention
  • Get your Engagement Ring Insured under your house insurance
  • You will be asked when are you getting married: choose even a year to keep them happy with a response!
  • Have an idea of a Guestlist: big or small: this will then help you with your venues and budget planning
  • Set a budget and start saving
  • Buy a few bridal magazines: the internet can be overwhelming when you are going through websites, magazines can help remedy that feeling.
  • Relax: do your best to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Plan an engagement party to get both family and friends together.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring:

Putting an Insurance policy on your engagement ring may sound unromantic but nothings sweeter than peace of mind. Don’t forget to put this task on your to-do list after your engagement.

What is Ring Insurance?

There are a few ways to ensure your engagement ring. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension for your homeowner’s policy. Homeowners policies cover the stuff in your home but only up to a certain value. First, you should receive a valuation from a Jewellers for your ring. A jeweller will charge you for a valuation and the Insurance company will charge you a cost per €1000.00 on the ring value as an add on a charge to your policy.

You are also entitled to get the ring cleaned once or twice a year on the Insurance as well.

Most people put the engagement ring under the contents of the house insurance.

Keep photographs of your engagement ring in case of being lost/stolen.

Some companies have limits so it is below an acceptable limit they don’t need anything but it is advisable to get a valuation and photographs. In the event of a claim, they will ask for proof of purchase/valuation, photographs and a repair or replacement estimate.
In a valuation, it should state the cut of the diamond and the weights.

Should you be renting a house, then you should get a contents policy for your belongings and include the engagement ring as a specified item.

Tip of the week

If you only remember one thing, when you are shopping for a ring policy, make sure to read the fine print. A good policy will cover every potential ring-threatening situation from theft to dropping it in the bin!